A Will of Stone: How you can forge your will to take on life

It is a fact of Life that Life is hard. I am not going to sugar-coat it for you, Life is very hard.  When I think of life, I remember the words of Rocky Balboa to his son:

I really like how Balboa here is telling his son that life is a boxing match. In a boxing match, It is all about your will to win and how much you can endure. If you want to win , you  have to survive just a little bit longer than the other guy. We need to face life not with a weak or half-hearted will but with a  will of stone. For you see, when a stone is thrown around, it  still maintains it shape. When it is pounded second by second by the blades of a river, its edges are smoothed out. A rock endures through its tribulations, so why shouldn’t are wills be like a stone: determined, unwavering, and solid.


As the species known as homo-sapiens, we love people who have overcome adversity throughout their own lives and have become truly successful. For example, Like these people:

Which now brings me to my next point, How do we make our wills become wills of stone that will be able to withstand anything that life throws at us.Here are somethings that you might consider when you are forging your will:

1.Know that you will face failure throughout your life: Life will not always be a success story when you start it. I gaurentee you that there is no person who has never experienced failure except that person is so cautious of not failing that he lives a life that has no meaning whatsoever However, think of a failure in your life as a fork-road in your life, either you go one path or go on the other. One path will let you accept your failure and learn from it, while the other path you will sulk on your failure and it will consume you forever. As Robert Frost once said,”Tread on the path less taken”. You need to overcome your failures because if you do, you yourself will become a stronger person, and you will have then smoothed the edges on your “will of stone”.


2.Know that success is not something easy, it takes hard work: If success was as easy as everyone thinks it is, then everyone in the world would be pretty successful. Yet, we need to know that success is something that needs to be worked at. It is our innate nature that we want to be successful and we forge our own wills on how truly we want to be successful. We might face hardships along the way, but keep moving forward.  Just know that when you come at the end of your goal, you will truly not regret how you got there.


3.Don’t be Depressed at the accomplishments of other people; Believe in your own-self: Adversity doesn’t come from only life itself, but people that live with you. During the time you see other people, you may see someone who has overachieved and you think to yourself, “Wow, this guy is amazing”. This thought makes you spiral down in a mindset of depression and failure. If you come to this in your life; Go to the mirror in your house. Look yourself in the eyes and say this:”Even though I feel a sense of depression towards the accomplishments of (person’s name), I know that with hard work and determination, I can succeed anywhere.” Truly say these words and honestly believe them, for if you believe in yourself and your own abilities, then nobody can stop you.


In the end, it is you and only you who can forge your will. Remember that life can be beautiful, yet be wary of its beauty. Think of life as a rose, its simpleness is its greatest quality. When we gaze at a rose we feel serene and happy. Yet do we take the rose from its stem without protection. No, we don’t do that because we know that the rose has thorns to protect itself. Life has many tribulations that might cut us, yet we know that life is still beautiful in its own way.


Every heart has a will that defines that person, it is the person however who chooses whether to forge that will into a will of stone.


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