A short story to reflect

There once was a man, who lived in pre-modern times, who had vast wealth and alot of offspring. One day, there came a flood which buried the man’s treasures and killed all of his offspring. All that was left was a single camel. As he was going to the camel, the camel got startled and he kicked the man in his face, blinding him. This man, penniless, a widow, and blind, kept continuing on his journey in the desert until he met a young man. The young man asked him where did he came from and the stricken man began to tell his story to this young man. This young man was amazed by the tenacity of this man and asked him:

“Don’t you blame anyone for the misfortune that has been placed upon you”.

The man then turns to the boy and he smiles. He then says:
“How can I blame anyone when I have ears that can hear, hands that can move, legs that can walk, a brain that can think, and a heart that is still beating”.

In this short story alone, we can infer two life lessons. Firstly, we need to be patient in times of adversity. We see that when this man has lost his wealth, kids, and his sight, did he sit down on the ground and start sulking uncontrollably. He kept on moving through the hot blistering sun and he kept his patience. Secondly, when the man was questioned why he didn’t complain about the things he lost, he replied that he still had abilities and blessings that he is still grateful for. I just wanted to share you this story as a reminder to remember the good times and be patient in the bad times. In addition, my plan is to write an article that explains the benefits of Patience and Gratitude.


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