Patience and Gratitude: The Two wings you need to fly safely through life

There will be many situations throughout life, some we will like and some that we will abhor. These situations usually cause you to either be happy, or sad. Usually when you are sad, you feel that life is truly unfair and pose the question: Why did this happen to me? As a person you feel desolate and you give up on yourself and life in general. On the opposite side of the spectrum, When you have a situation that makes you happy, there is some evil behaviors that you may derive from this. You may become arrogant in  the actions that you do because you feel blessed. In addition, you might forget people who don’t have what you have and that will therefore increase your degree of arrogance. You may eventually have a heart of stone due to your sense of, again, arrogance. Yet, there are two simple qualities that you need in order that you may be able to avoid these evil behavior. These two qualities are Patience and Gratitude. Let us first began with Patience.


I believe that anyone that has patience as a quality in their life will be one of great happiness. When one possesses patience, one have many qualities that are desirable such as:

  • Will not get angered easily: When someone is patient, then he will be able to control his own anger because he has a more, calm relaxed mood. In addition, he will evaluate the next move he has to do because he has a calm, relaxed mind. This ties in especially when you are raising kids. Usually people who are patient tend to reward kids with positive reinforcement while people who get angered easier usually punish kids with negative reinforcement
  • Will be steadfast in times of difficulties: This is an extremely great point in regards to people who crumble under the pressures that life throws at them. You see, when you are patient, you tend to lead difficulties pass you like a light breeze. When someone is patient, someone is able to have a backbone against life.
  • Will Lead a better life: It is true that people with patience lead more happier lives due to the fact that people with patience tend to have less stress levels. This is due to the fact that they can manage there emotions and do it in an efficient and healthy way.


The other quality you need to lead a good life is Gratitude. People with gratitude tend to:

  • Be thankful in everything: Thankfulness and Gratitude correlate together and there always seems to a likableness to someone that is grateful. When a person is thankful, he truly understands the blessings that he has and therefore appreciate them better.
  • Be Humble: when you are thankful you tend not to be arrogant and therefore will be able to be humble. When you are humble, you don’t feel that you are superior to anyone. Humbleness smoothens  your edges and makes you a better person.

  • Lead Better Lives: Just like with Patience, People with Gratitude tend to be happier. This is true because, no matter what they have or receive, they will be grateful for it. This sense of thankfulness leads them to live a better life.

In conclusion, Think of Patience and Gratitude as two wings on a butterfly. You are that butterfly and you are flying against the winds of “Life”. The Butterfly itself is a weak creature when it is against life, but it keeps on going. It keeps pushing on by flying from one place to another gathering food. Therefore, It is illogical for a butterfly to fly properly with one wing. In addition, a butterfly will fail at flying if he has no wings. Therefore,  if you truly want to sail through life’s winds, then grow the wings of Patience and Gratitude. It will be your greatest asset against life.



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