Time: The most precious asset we have in our lives

It is one of the most saddest moments of display when a person is on his deathbed, recalling back on his life. Remembering all the bad things that he did, but also reminiscing about the good times, Yet, tears start rolling down his eyes when he thinks of what he could have been.  The places that he could have gone to, the dreams that he could have made into reality, and the opportunities he could have taken  The only thing that is going through his mind is  that I wish that I had more time. I wish I had more time for my wife, when there were times when she needed me the most. I wish I had spend more time with my parents, instead of trying to cut the bond between them. I wish that I spent time with my siblings, before oceans became the barriers between us. I wish I had spent more time with my friends, instead of shunning them away.I wish that I could spend more time with my kids, when they would ask me to play and I would say to them,” I am busy, let’s play another time”. Yet there wasn’t a next time, because I didn’t have the love to sacrifice some of my time for my kids. I wish I had more time. The man realizes on his deathbed that he has no time left, but he still feels the need to wish, because he believes that this is the only thing he can do right now, is to wish. This person can be anyone. It can be you or it can be me. The only thing that we need to do is to follow this man’s road is to waste our time. Yet, what should we do so that we don’t waste our time and utilize it to its maximum capacity.

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Doing what you love: How to Emulate Hank Gathers in our lives.


I recently watched a documentary about a Loyola Marymount University Student named Hank Gathers, who played basketball for them from 1988-1990. Hank showed promise as a Major NBA prospect and is the second player in NCAA history to lead the league in both scoring and rebounding in the same season.  He loved to play the game of basketball; he pushed himself to achieve the greatness that he felt he needed to reach.  He had an innate desire to succeed because he was born in an impoverished environment. Born in Philadelphia, in a place which was known as “the Projects”, Hank lived a very poor life and the only thing that got him through his early days was playing Basketball. He loved the sport of Basketball, dedicated himself to it everyday. His goal was to be Good enough that he may make his families live’s better, especially his mother’s. Probably the only thing that he loved more than Basketball was his mother. Therefore, he worked his hardest to excel not for himself, but for his family, whose hopes and dreams were placed on his shoulders.

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Invictus: A Poem that shakes even the Mountains

If you haven’t already heard of this inspirational poem than you need to at least read it once. It is one of the most powerful poems about standing against the waves of life. I believe that the reason why the words hits us deep is because of the author and the simpleness of the language. Penned by William Ernest Henley, who devised the verses for this poem when his feet was amputated because of tuberculosis. The Poem goes as follows:

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