Arrogance: A Short Reminder

Arrogance is a trait that no person should strive to acquire. Yet, it is all around us, hyped up by the media. I believe that arrogance will deteriorate your character slowly but surely. When someone is arrogant, he feels himself above other people. As seen in the picture above, when someone has arrogance his humility is gone. He doesn’t feel a sense of humbleness in front of family, friends, and in some cases God himself. Therefore, we have to be aware of the problem that arrogance poses for us. If you feel that you have some arrogance in yourself, the best thing that you could do is to remind yourself of people that don’t possess the blessings that you have. When you think of people who deal with this everyday, your sense of arrogance feels unjustified. Arrogance is the disease of the character and the soul. Beware Arrogance.


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