Sincerity: A short Reminder

Sincerity has many meanings. Sincerity in your words means that you are honest. Sincerity in your actions means you are consistent. Sincerity in you attitude towards people means that you are empathetic. Therefore, Sincerity transcends just one concept but encompasses many concepts and values. Therefore, when you possess sincerity, you possess a good overall character. Therefore, We need to develop our sincerity. I believe that in order to do this, it needs to take time and patience. In addition, always have an intention that is always sincere. Everything starts with a good state of mind, which is initiated by the intention. Therefore, to have a sincere action, you need a sincere intention.


One thought on “Sincerity: A short Reminder

  1. Raymond says:

    I agree that sincerity can be very valuable when bestowed upon someone. I actually find that I am often graced with a different type of sincerity: obvious sarcasm. It’s two for the price of one: good advice (most of the time, I would hope) AND a periodic dose of humor!

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