You are you and your:


Character. Character is what defines us as a person. I feel that in essence, character is what we are as a person. Therefore, it is character that will guide us throughout our lives. Yet, a strong character is not born with you, nor is it an overnight endeavor. Character is much more than one value, or a hobby that defines you. It is your overall personality that reacts to the environment around you and to your own self. Therefore, character develops as you age. Therefore, if you have a good character, your life will be good, and if you possess a bad character, then your life will seem malicious.
Developing one’s character takes a huge amount of effort, as it is what defines you. Yet, character itself can be flexible if you are willing to change it.Gold is purified when it is placed into the fire, in that sense so does character. However, you have to have the will to be able to hammer down your own self in order to achieve something better. It is however, a lifelong struggles to maintain a good character, especially during difficult times. I continually strive to enhance and develop my good sense of character because I believe that character is what defines me. I want my definition of character to be something that people can take to heart. Therefore, I am willing to keep myself firm against trials, life, or anything that hinders my journey through life. I am firm in my resolve and will continue to achieve a sense of character that will make those around me and I proud. My character will help me determine my fate as I travel through this journey called life.



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