Frankenstein: A Reflection

I feel that Frankenstein has been a source of inspiration of its time. It has become an integral part of the society that we live in today. Frankenstein’d monster is considered to be the epitome of human loneliness and the need for us to have a connection with another person. All that the monster wants is to be loved and create his own identity. Even in failure, the monster wants to be able to forge his own identity, by requesting from his creator to create a female counterpart. Therefore, can Frankenstein be the manifestation of the culture around him. What I mean is that does it make sense that the monster will take on the persona of the environment around him.What do you think though? Please leave thoughts in comments and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


Why do I laugh?


Why do I laugh? I laugh because it allows me to express my emotions. It can release tensions building up inside of me. Laughing can also show that you are in tune with the person you are talking to. But the question is: why do I laugh?

I laugh because it affects both me and the people around me. Imagine If I was a person who couldn’t laugh; I shudder at the thought of imagining this scenario. I need to laugh in order to relieve what is inside me. A lot of people laugh in order to relieve tensions on themselves. Maybe through the act of me laughing, I can inspire other people to laugh also. I laugh in order to fit in the social order that we as people have created for ourselves. If we don’t laugh, people may view us as stubborn scrooges.

There are, however, different kinds of laughter. Laughter can encompass both good and bad emotions. These emotions can include sad, happy, and awkward. These many uses of laughter make the action of laughter non-restrictive. Since laughter can express so many uses, we have to be on the lookout for people that don’t mean their action. We need to be cautious and can’t be too credulous. There is a power in laughter, so don’t take that power too lightly.

Laughing can also show a different side of you that no one has ever seen. That side could be the side you have been holding to yourself. Laughing not only brings joy to us, but to the world. People don’t realize the potential laughing has; it is an infectious action unparallel to anything else. You can change someone’s day by that laugh of yours. You have to remember that laughing is power. You can change the world one laugh at a time.