After a Long Day, All you need is a …..


The day has started. I see that my alarm has done its purpose of waking me from a sleep that was a joy while it lasted. I rise from my crusty bed, dead in appearance and moaning like the walking dead. I go to the bathroom where the shower will transform me and get me ready for the rest of my day. I take a second to catch a breath, and then I get ready to go to the place where all my joys and worries are. I arrive at the school in nothing more than a shirt, jacket, and pants. Yet on my feet are sandals which refuse to do the purpose of keeping me warm like shoes have done. I arrive sluggishly to my class and I see that the teacher is watching us, anxious to give us our results from the test last week. I look at the teacher and I can see that there will be blood. Each second I wait, I could see the tension building until the bell has sounded. One ring, two rings, three rings, and the faithful verdict have come. The teacher ironically gives the first test to me and I see the faithful grade. The verdict has been given, covered with the red ink which I dreadfully abhor. I look and all my hopes, all my dreams have come crashing down. I take a second to ponder on what has happened, but an overwhelming sadness has overtaken me that only by years of self-discipline would have physically been shown. For the rest of the class I was in a world of my own, a world of hurt and despair. I wait for the bell. One ring, two rings, three rings, the salvation has come. I rush out of that classroom and go to the library, the sanctuary of my feelings. I wait there for a couple of hours and then I go outside to wait for my parents. Then as if nothing could have gotten worse, the sky let go of its bounty and it rained on the subjects on the ground. I sat there cold and shivering and I thought about how this day could get any worse. I have been emotionally and physically abused. As I sit there, I use every ounce of the power I can muster to control myself. Yet, as if destiny had foretold this moment, a young man has come and sits right next to me. He asks me about my day and I replied that it was going terrible. I told them I just wanted to end the day. The person then did something that even the greatest of treasures and fortunes could never fully qualify as this gift: He smiled at me. As a saw this smile, this innocent, honest smile, my heart rose and grew. As I saw this smile, I saw that it was washing my troubles away just like the rain was bombarding me with its troubles. The smile made me forget about my troubles and mesmerized me to this individual. As all great things come to an end, the individual had to leave, but he had made an effect on me with his smile. That individual showed ma happiness in a barren wasteland that’s appearance would make you think that God himself brought his wrath on it. That individual had saved my day, and I truly thanked him for the gift that he bestowed upon me. I then saw a man whose appearance were the same as mines and I asked him how his day today was. I then smiled.