A Heart of Darkness: What causes it?


One of the most worst things that you may possess is a heart of darkness. Yet what is it that makes a heart of Darkness what it is. There are so many factors that may contribute to it, yet there are common factors throughout people that make a Heart of Darkness. One of the causes that may contribute to a heart of Darkness may be the fact that we have evil thoughts in our head. These evil thoughts make both are minds and our hearts dark. These is considered the worst of the “Heart of Darkness” due to the fact that the premise on which it was created harbors the most evil. Another common factor for creating a “Heart of Darkness” is to reach a level of insensitivity in which your heart becomes black because of the pollution cause by words and thoughts of the beholder. This is causes not in one day, but gradually over time as the heart accumulates a black spot for every time it does an insensitivity. Finally you may possess a heart of Darkness if you perceive everyone around you as evil. When the mind sees Darkness around it, it to becomes one with the Darkness. This occurs when there is evil confronted to the beholder, usually from a young age. In that sense, the young person’s mind is polluted are therefore sees the world as evil, which in return creates a heart of Darkness. Therefore, it should be noted that a heart of Darkness is the most difficult thing to heal due to it being the most vital organ to your body. Therefore, never develop a heart of darkness or it will be your undoing.


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